Tim McCarver Cardinals Broadcaster?

With all the complaints and angst the St. Louis Cardinals fans experienced while watching this years world series with McCarver’s condescending banter comes some interesting news. With leaving his World Series broadcasting job for 34 years he actually did not retire from the broadcasting booth. Well word had got out that Tim McCarver and the St. Louis Cardinals have had discussions about being a part of the broadcast team. If he does become a part of the team it will only be for a limited role. It is believed that the reason for McCarver’s possible return is due to Mike Shannon’s reduced schedule for this upcoming season due to health issues. I wouldn’t mind having McCarver in the mix. I know I have complained before about his style of broadcasting before but lets not forget he spent ten years with the Carrdinals as one of there best defensive catchers in the 1960’s. I guess we will find out soon the outcome of this story.

source: Dan Ceasar St.Louis Post Dispatch


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