Joe Garagiola recieves Buck O’Neal Award


Joe Garagiola a product of St. Louis, Mo that went on to play for the Cardinals from 1946-51 was honored by the National Baseball Hall of Fame with the Buck O’Neal Lifetime Achievement Award. This award is to honor an individual whose character, integrity and dignity is comparable to the late O’Neil. This award is much more special to Joe due to being friends with Buck throughout the years. Garagiola went on into broadcasting and even sat as a host for The Today Show. As a colorful announcer he also received  the Ford C. Frick award for broadcasting back in 1991. I can’t forget to mention Joe’s brother Mickey Garagiola that was a popular wrestling ring announcer for Wrestling at the Chase, a popular local venue that showcased Professional Wrestling. Saw the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Lou Thesz, Bruiser Brody, Harley Race and the Funk brothers. Well once again congratulations to Joe Garagiola!


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