No More Suppan For You!

Yesterday I reported that Mark Mulder has found his groove once again and was signed by the Angels with a minor league deal. Today his one time St. Louis Cardinals pitching partner Jeff Suppan announced his retirement from Major League Baseball. He decided to retire to honor his late mother that has passed six years ago. It was 2005 where Suppan and Mulder made up part of the Division winning five man rotation that also includes Matt Morris, Chris Carpenter and Jason Marquis. All five starters in 2005 combined record was 80-47. From 2004 to 2006 Suppan helped the Cardinals make the postseason in all three of those seasons and Suppan was 3-3 with a 3.00 ERA in those series, earning 2006 National League Championship Series MVP honors on the way to winning a World Series ring. He was “Mr. October” for the Cardinals, very reliable. but we lost him to free agency to the Brewers. In 2010 he was released by the Brewers and picked up by the Cardinals in June. After the 2010 season he bounced around till the Padres signed him to a minor league deal but he didn’t last very long and when the Padres planned to send him down to the minors he opted out and became a free agent, This was his last time to be a part of a Major League Baseball Team.

Source: MLB


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