Bob Uecker Recieves Statue

Glad to see the Brewers honoring Bob Uecker even though the statue will be placed behind the last seat at the stadium. Here is the article…..written by Andrew Gruman of Fox Sports.

No, Bob Uecker’s statue at Miller Park isn’t going in the front row. But the Milwaukee Brewers are unveiling a monument to one of their most iconic personalities in a unique spot on April 25.
Playing off the 1980s Miller Lite commercial, Uecker’s statue at Miller Park will sit in the very last row of section 422 in the terrace level. The Brewers will leave an empty seat next to the statue to allow fans to be able to take photos.
Uecker’s tagline of “I must be in the front row!” has been famous ever since the commercial aired. Sitting at the ballpark, Uecker is told he is in the wrong seats by an usher. He then utters those iconic words, only to learn he’s actually supposed to be sitting in the last row of the stadium.
“I can’t think of a better place to put this statue,” Uecker said Wednesday. “This will be great for fans and even better for pigeons. You might even be able to see a little part of the field.”

The statue, which will be designed by Brian Maughan, will be made of bronze but will also have color effects. This will be the second statue of Uecker at Miller Park, as one outside of the ballpark was unveiled in August of 2012.
“Bob Uecker is synonymous with the Brewers and his famous ‘I must be in the front row’ tagline is iconic,” Brewers chief operating officer Rick Schlesinger said. “This statue will definitely become a destination for fans visiting Miller Park.”


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