Will Jon Jay be Traded?

Once I got wind of this trade rumor I was very skeptical about the notion of trading Jon Jay to the Twins. So I did a little digging to find out more about this rumor. First of all it was a ESPN radio affiliate of Minneapolis/St. Paul area Darren Wolfson tweeted that the Twins are interested in Jon Jay.  Is this a speculation on his part due to the Cardinals having an influx of outfielders or is this the cat being let out of the bag. I know that Jon Jay’s name has been brought up several times before, but could this be an actual deal in the works? I have to admit that the Twins two outfielders Jason Knubel and Aaron Hicks are under performing. Looking at Jon Jay’s performance so far he is not much better than Hicks or Knubel. So why would the Twins want Jon Jay? Well his first three seasons as the Cardinals outfielder he had hit over .290. Only one name keeps popping up that could be an adequate return for Jon Jay, Casey Fein. Fein could fill in as a middle relief pitcher. So lets hunker down and see if this will happen.


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