Are the Cardinals interested in David Price?

The last time I heard David Price’s name connected to the Cardinals was at the beginning of the 2014 season. It was Paul White of USA Today that wrote about a potential trade between the Cardinals and the Rays that would send Oscar Taveras and Michael Wacha to Tampa Bay for David Price. I cringed when I heard about this. I would hate to see both great potential players like Wacha and Taveras for Price. During my morning breakfast I was reading Bernie Miklasz’s article about the MLB trade market and his comments on what the Cardinals might be up to. First of all I would tend to think that the Cardinals would be in search of a power bat like Giancarlo Stanton or Carlos Gonzalez but think again Cardinal fans, Mozeliak just might be looking for a top notch pitcher like David Price. At this moment Price has a 4-6 win loss record but he had proven himself as a dependable starting pitcher. He earned a Cy Young award in 2012 and been selected to three All-Star games. David Price could be our second lefty that could very well be our headline pitcher and what a great addition he would be with Wainwright. As of right now he leads the AL in innings pitched (99.1), strike outs (111), and complete games (2).  At this time the Rays are 24-41 and ready to start moving players. So who would the Cardinals trade to get David Price. Well the Cardinals have what the Rays want, young players with fire in their bellies. So who would Mozeliak trade for David Price. In Bernie’s article he talked about Carlos Martinez, I would hate to lose  him but he would be a great chip with one of our young outfielders. So I wonder which outfielder, I would say the Cardinals will not trade Taveras, Grichuk, Piscotty or Bourjos which leaves Jon Jay, Matt Holliday or Alan Craig. I would think that Craig would be the sacrificial lamb. I really like the potential starting pitchers line up of Wainwright, Price, Miller, Wacha and Garcia. So this would send Lance Lynn to middle relief. This type of trade would definitely help the Cardinals in  the long run.

Sources, Paul White, Bernie Miklasz and MLB


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