Cardinals Top Draft Picks Close to be Signed

                                                                    Jack Flaherty
I was happy to hear that Jack Flaherty, Luke Weaver and Ronnie Wilson will soon be wearing Cardinal red. As of right now nothing is official until they pass there physicals. Out of these three pitchers I find Jack Flaherty to be the gem. Flaherty is a top notch power pitcher from Harvard-Westlake High School in California. Apparently Flaherty is committed to play baseball at the University of North Carolina. In order for the Cardinals to sign him, they would have to go way of the slot value of $1.6 million. It was thought by most MLB Draft Analyists that the Cardinals would not be able to sign him because of  his commitment to University of North Carolina.  Another interesting thing about Jack is that he is also comfortable at third base.

Here is Flaherty’s scouting report:

Flaherty first arrived on the national scene as a sophomore when he tossed a complete-game win in the opening round of USA Baseball’s 2012 National High School Invitational. Now he’s one of the more intriguing two-way players in the country. Flaherty could go on to play two ways for the University of North Carolina, and he does like playing the infield. Seeing him in the Tar Heels rotation and at third base isn’t a stretch. Most pro teams like him on the mound as a projectable right-hander who already has a good feel for pitching. Flaherty has a four-pitch mix, though none of the offerings grade out as better than average right now. He has a clean and easy delivery and the kind of frame that suggests he could add some velocity as he matures. The team that sees that projection in Flaherty, especially if he focuses on pitching only, and believes it can sign him away from his North Carolina commitment, will be the one to take the SoCal right-hander in the early rounds.


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