United Cardinals Bloggers Annual Dinner

Once again I had a wonderful evening with my fellow Cardinals Bloggers at Joe Bucks Restaurant near Busch Stadium. This evening was a blast for me, not even the thunderstorm rained on my good fortune but I will get to that later. I was able to see and talk with people I know and was able to give some good advice to some of the Bloggers on how to improve their Baseball Blogs. I have to add that the food at Joe Bucks was superb. The highlights for me was meeting Media Relations Director Geoff Goldman. Once I introduced myself he responded with “I know who you are”. I was wondering if this was a good thing or bad thing. I soon learned that part of his job was to stay in touch with our Blogs. It was also fun to see that the Fox Sports Midwest Girls showed up for the festivities.
Towards the end of the evening we received the door prizes goodie bag thanks to Rob and Sally Rains. It included a silver color small bat with Matt Carpenter and Yadi Molina’s name on it, candy, and headphones with a StlSportsPage pouch. So here is the exciting news. I had bought a raffle ticket for a four tickets to a game that includes a tour of the Fox Sports Midwest Studio. So there could be a chance to meet two of the following…. Pat Parris, Jimmy “The Cat” Hayes, Jim Edmonds, Andy Benes, Tim McCarver, Al Habrosky, Jason Isringhausen and Ricky Horton. I am totally excited about winning these tickets!!

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