Would the Cardinals Trade for Jose Molina?

If you didn’t know the Cardinals was hit with a big blow last night. Yadier Molina had suffered a torn thumb ligament that will require surgery. He was put on the 15 day DL but will be expected to be out for eight to twelve weeks. The leader of the team will be missed. The Cardinals are two games behind the Brewers and now we are in much need for offense. In order to fill a spot on the roster for another catcher the Cardinals called up Audry Perez. Some of the names I keep reading about that could possibly be on the Cardinals radar are A.J Pierzynski in which the Redsox has put on designated assignment. I believe that the Cardinals want nothing to do with Pierzynski. Another name is John Buck in which the Cards would have interest in or Kurt Suzuki. Well I came across a tweet from Buster Olney…..”It’ll be interesting to see if the Cardinals consider another Molina — Jose — as they search for an alternative to Yadier. TB will listen.” Jose Molina doesn’t have the offense that his brother brings to this team but he does exceptionally well in defense and calling a game. So would the Cardinals consider Jose? The Cardinals would have Tony Cruz as the starting catcher with Jose as the backup but when Yadi comes back I would imagine that Cruz would be the odd man out. We would also have Jose with us for the 2015 season too. This could also be a good trade between the Cardinals too. They Rays could package Ben Zobrist, Jose Molna and David Price for some of our minor league players plus Allen Craig. Well, just a suggestion but I really do like the idea of having Jose Molina.


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