Are the Cardinals Targeting David Price?


I have been holding back my thoughts and views on the possibility of the Cardinals making a trade for David Price. First of all I wanted to collect some information before to come to any conclusions Some of the news I am coming across in regards to the Cardinals wanting to trade for Price looks positive. With the Mariners and Dodgers also being interested in Price, an outspoken American League executive tells USA Today that St. Louis are the favorite to land Price if the Rays agree to trade him and have a good chance to re sign him to a longer deal. A few days while listening to Sirius XM MLB Network Radio the hosts where pointing out how Price could very well agree to a contract with the Cardinals if traded there. First of all David Price is from Murfreesboro, TN which is outside of Nashville and five  hours away from St. Louis. With this in mind this would be a big perk for Price’s family. It was also cool to see David Price and Evan Longoria at Sunday’s game against the Dodgers. I had heard that the Cardinals Organization offered Price and his friends a suite but he refused and checked himself into Big Mac Land. It was the fans and the stadium workers that welcomed him and begged him to stay. This sounds like a great sales pitch if any to  get David Price here. One problem I have is what the Cardinals would offer to trade for Price. What I hear is that the Cardinals would offer Shelby Miller, Carlos Martinez and Oscar Taveras. I would not trade Oscar Tavares. I would trade Stephen Piscotty, James Ramsey or Charlie Tilson but not our #1 prospect. I hope the Cardinals don’t give up on Taveras. To me David Price makes sense, if Tampa Bay want a bunch of prospects in return then I would ask for Jose Molina to help with our catching dilemma. So lets cross our fingers we are able to bring David Price to St. Louis.


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