Pujols Thinking Retirement


In a current article on SI.com writer Tom Verducci asks Albert Pujols his thoughts on Derek Jeter’s retirement. He responds by telling him he is not too far away from retiring himself. A few things came to my mind right away in regards to this comment. First of all why would he say this? Is he trying to bring attention to himself since his numbers are now on the rise with a .276 BA…..24 HRs and 83 RBIs. He has seven years left on his contract so If  he is deciding to wind down his career and ride into the sunset it may happen in a few years. The Angels are now on top of the AL West and it looks like they will be going into the playoffs with Pujols  making the difference in this teams success. My second thought is what I suspected, the love of the game is no longer alive. In my opinion I think he missing that certain winning spirit he had in St. Louis even though the Angels are up 4.5 games ahead of the Athletics. I have heard before from other Cardinal Fans that when Pujols retires we will see him back with the Cardinals. Could it be he is missing his old team? We may never know. Be sure to read the article from SI.com and tell me your thoughts.. I also recall another article that was written by Mike DiGiovanna on NBCSports Hardballtalk on July,7 2013……

After hitting two homers and drawing three intentional walks in Saturday’s 8-4 win, Pujols gave a strong indication he will not allow himself to become an albatross to the Angels.

“God has given me ability and talent, but the day I feel like I can’t compete any more on this level, I’m not going to embarrass myself,” Pujols said. “I’m going to walk off. Whether that’s next year, two years from now, only God knows.”

It is also interesting to know that Pujols has a 10-year, $10 million personal services contract that will take effect once he retires. I guess we will see how all this will play out,



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