St. Louis Cardinals Top Seven Prospects 2014

Baseball: Arizona Fall League-Fall Stars GameI  call this season the year of the rookies for the St. Louis Cardinals. This year we  have seen the likes of Randal Grichuk, Marco Gonzales, Sam Tuivailala, Greg Garcia, Tommy Pham, and Xavier Scruggs called up to fill in and help the team out with their talents. With Oscar Taveras being thrust into the limelight by the Allen Craig trade the new top seven Cardinals prospect list looks quite different. This is what I came up with

1. Stephen Piscotty. A very fast and approaching MLB outfielder. Known for his speed and hitting abilities to hit drive lines which means high RBI ability. Also covers a lot of ground and a strong throwing arm

2. Marco Gonzales, With only nine appearances with the big team, Marco has captured my attention with the velocity of his fastball and slider. Gonzales not far from the Majors  at all.

3. Rob Kaminsky, Here is another pitcher that could be MLB ready in a few years . A lefty that throws strikes with three pitch types, changeup, curveball and fastball.. His fastballs range from 89-94 mph .

4. Charlie Tilson, Here is a kid that has a ton of talent as an outfielder. A lead off hiiter with lots of grit but still needs to work on patience at the plate.

5. Alexander Reyes, Another dominant right handed pitcher that stays perched in the Cardinals system. Has a nice mix of pitches that include curveballs, changeups and a 97mph fastball.

6. Randal Grichuk, I consider Grichuk the prize gem we got from the Angels when we traded David Freese. Personally I would rather see Grichuk have the rightfield job over Oscar Taveras. Fun to watch in the outfield with his Jim Edmonds style catches that thrills the fans. He does show power and  hits for average.

7.Juan Herrara,  I tend to believe that Herrara would slide into the shortstop position once Jhonny Perralta finishes his career with the Cardinals. His huge upside is speed, great range and a solid arm. Has no power but has a patience at the plate. Needs more polish with his hitting skills.

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