Cardinals Roster for NLDS Shaping Up


As we inch closer to Friday’s NLDS game in Los Angeles against the Dodgers, the Cardinals continue to tinker with the roster. Today Mike Matheny had announced his rotation for this series. Friday we have Wainwright against Kershaw. Saturday Lance Lynn versus to be determined. Monday at home John Lackey versus to be determined and Tuesday Shelby Miller versus to be determined by the Dodgers. Wacha will go to the bullpen while the Cardinals will carry two catchers, Yadi Molina and Tony Cruz. This means A.J Pierzynski will be out. They may carry Choate, Gonzalez, and Freeman for their bullpen. Pete Kozma might be on the roster as a bench guy and second base starter. What we do know for sure is that four players have been excused to go home. This includes Tommy Pham, Xavier Scruggs, Greg Garcia and Sam Tuivalala. In order for the Cardinals to win is to strike early against Kershaw and support Wainwright to hold off the Dodger’s offense. I expect Perralta  and Adams to step up and help. I am hoping for a well played game against both teams but I give the Dodgers an edge with there strong pitching and heavy hitting sluggers.


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