Would The Dodgers Trade Kemp to the Cardinals?


Ken Rosenthal has currently reported that the Dodgers are currently shopping Matt Kemp, Carl Crawford and Andre Either. Rosenthal adds that the Dodgers are willing to include a “significant” amount of money for a good return.

All three outfielders are under contract and owed a lot of money:

  • Kemp: $21 million in 2015; $21.5 million every season between 2016-19
  • Crawford: $20.5 million in 2015; $20.75 million in ’16 and $21 million in ’17
  • Ethier: $18 million in 2015; $18 million in ’16, $17.5 million in ’17, and a $17.5 million club option in ’18 with a $2.5 million buyout

When comparing the stats between the three outfielders Kemp’s numbers stands out even though after the 2011 season his numbers have dropped but had setbacks due to injuries. Could the St. Louis Cardinals be a good destination? I don’t know but maybe we could add him to our wish list that includes Giancarlo Stanton, Carlos Gonzales and Nelson Cruz. Kemp has the ability to play all three outfield positions. If we were able to trade for him we would have Kemp for five years. According to Matt Holliday’s contract with the Cardinals he has two more years plus a club option. So if Matt Kemp could be had he can play right field till the end of Holliday’s career is over and he moves over in left field and let Stephen Piscotty take over at right field. So how can Matt Kemp be had by the Cardinals? What would it take? With Josh Beckett retiring the Dodgers will need a starting pitcher and an outfielder. Could the Cardinals could actually make a trade with Carlos Martinez, Peter Bourjus and prospect Patrick Wisdom for Matt Kemp. Well Martinez would fill in the starting pitching void while Peter Bourjus roams the outfield. With Patrick Wisdom the Dodgers would be able to upstart the farm system……food for thought.


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