Cardinals Picked Tyler Waldron for Rule 5 Draft


Today during the Rule 5 Draft the Cardinals did not lose any player but gained a pitcher Tyler Waldron from the Pirates organization. RHP – A former 5th round pick in 2010, the 24-year-old Waldron hasn’t given the Pirates a whole lot to dream on, yet he continues to get chances, like a second stint in the AFL this fall.  He continues to work as a starter, but he doesn’t miss anywhere near enough bats to ever start in the majors (career 5.7 K/9) and will be a reliever, if anything, in the majors.  He’s another low-ceiling arm and the Pirates have to hope that his stuff plays up in a relief role. Unlike other players  Waldron was taken in the major-league opening of the Rule 5 draft who have to remain on the big-league roster all season for a team to gain his rights, Waldron was available to be selected and can remain in the minors.


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