Edmonds to Open up Second Restaurant in Kirkwood


Last Sunday while driving through Kirkwood I noticed a new restaurant taking over the old Bread Company in Kirkwood that’s located on Manchester and Woodland. I was wondering what type of restaurant this was until I found this article in the St. Louis Business Journal. This looks very promising but I hope the location helps bring in the business its looking for.

Former St. Louis Cardinal Jim Edmonds and restaurateur Mark Winfield are opening their second restaurant in the St. Louis area together after plans to open a restaurant in Clayton fell apart last year.

Winfield’s Gathering Place is set to open Jan. 19 in Kirkwood in the site of the original St. Louis Bread Company location. Winfield said the new restaurant, at 10312 Manchester Road, will feature 26 craft beers and focus on American food: steak, chicken, fish, pastas and the like.

“It’s a gathering place for friends and family to meet and have drinks before a charity event or baseball game or family event, or to have one more drink before they go home,” he said.

The partners spent between $300,000 and $500,000 overhauling the space. They added a full alcohol bar and a chef’s bar, and fashioned an exposed kitchen where patrons can watch the cooks work. Coming aboard as chef is Tony Hilker, who previously worked at Tavern On Main in Belleville.

In their business plan, the partners projected $2.4 million in sales for the first year, but “we obviously want to exceed that,” Winfield said. Winfield and Edmonds each own 45 percent in the restaurant’s controlling company, and they sold another 10 percent stake to friends and family who wanted to invest. They partnered with Pulaski Bank to help finance the new restaurant.

Winfield and Edmonds also own The Precinct at 1900 Locust St. Plans for the two to open a second restaurant in Clayton, a $1 million concept that would have been called Edmonds Parkside Grille, fell through in January of last year. Winfield said at the time, “Financially it did not work for us. The building needed too many renovations to make it cost effective for us.”

source: Ben Unglesbee, St. Louis Business Journal


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