Max Scherzer Drama Continues


Yesterday David Price signed a one year deal with the Detroit Tigers for $19.75 Million. Price’s contract is the largest one-year deal for a player who filed for arbitration, topping Max Scherzer’s $15,525,000 agreement with the Tigers last year. The Tigers are now having discussions with James Shields while they have no contact with Max Scherzer. So what’s going on with the St. Louis Cardinals and Max Scherzer at this time? This is what we know, Scherzer has made it known to the Cardinals that he wants to pitch here. The Cardinals have made it known that they are very interested in Scherzer. So where does this relationship go from here? The Cardinals are now able to go  higher on deal’s that average high annual value The Cardinals are known not to give contracts for over long periods of time except for Matt Holliday in which he got seven years for $120MM.. Holliday will be a free agent in 2017.  The Cardinals could make an offer to Max Scherzer at a high value but fewer years. John Morosi  suggests that the Cardinals could offer Scherzer $156MM which would give him the highest AAV ever for a pitcher but would be for at least five years. I strongly believe that Max Scherzer’s drive is to pitch for his hometown team. Max Scherzer for sure would become our #1 ace. Just recently at the Cardinals Winter Warm Up John Mozeliak said that at this time they will not be adding any starting pitchers. When I read this, I knew that as a GM he cannot talk about players that they are involved with. I tend to think if this deal happens with Max Scherzer it will happen before Spring Training.

Sources: John Morosi.


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