Vince Coleman joins the Whitesox


My hopes of the Cardinals  hiring Vince Coleman went by the wayside once again. Today the Whitesox hired Coleman to help the team with there base running during spring training. I have always dreamed of Coleman coming back to help these Cardinals become the running Redbirds once again. Coleman a very prolific base burglar swiped 752 stolen bases. With this in mind Coleman would be such a perfect fit with the Cardinals as an instructor along side with his old team mates Ozzie Smith and Willie McGee. The Cardinals as a team stole 57 bases which made them third worse in stealing in 2014. The players that are known to have speed are Wong, Bourjus, Jay and Heyward. If only these four players could increase stolen base totals with smart base running the Cardinals could score more often and win more games. I wonder who works with the Cardinals in regards to these skills. My message to Coleman……Please give the Cardinals a call when your contract is over with the Whitesox, we would love to have on the team once again.


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