Will Pete Rose get Reinstated

Manager Pete Rose
Manager Pete Rose

Could this be the end of an era in which Pete Rose will finally be reinstated and to be eligible for the Hall of Fame. He recently has applied for reinstatement but has not heard from Manfred about the timetable for his decision but he will have some role in this years All Star Game in Cincinnati. As of today a resolution urging baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to reinstate former Cincinnati Reds star Pete Rose and make him eligible for the Hall of Fame has had its first hearing in the Ohio legislature. Should Pete Rose be reinstated for his actions on betting on baseball? I tend to think why not, statistically he does belong in the Hall of Fame. At the age of 74 why not give him a second chance. With all the PED problems with players trying to enhance themselves, the only punishment is suspension not being banned from baseball. The odd thing is that Larry “Bud” Selig has treated Pete Rose as a unwanted step child. During his term as Commissioner the Pete Rose situation was always up and down. There were times Selig would revisit the life long ban and then he would drop it. With Manfred in as the new Commissioner I believe its time to reinstate Pete Rose. If Pete Rose gets reinstated I believe its time to look into Shoeless Joe Jackson as a possible reinstatement. There is a park in Greenville, SC named after Jackson that has a baseball field, playground and picnic area. The time is now


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