Cardinal Red Baseball Celebrates One Year Anniversary


One year ago I decided to shut down my McBrayer-Baseball Blog to create Cardinal Red Baseball Blog, and I am glad I did. I decided to leave Blogger due to problems I was having with them. Since moving over to WordPress, things really took off for me. With WordPress I tripled my views(4,951) and visitors(4,015). Most of my followers are from Facebook(875) and Twitter(210). My biggest response from readers came from these news stories I covered: Jim Edmonds Opens up Second Restaurants, Cardinals Sign Dominican Republic Shortstop Raffi Ozuna, My homepage Archives, Cardinals Rainout Schedule, St. Louis Homestand Highlights and Jim Edmonds to appear on Housewives of Orange County. It looks like the readers love Jim Edmonds. Finally here is the top countries that view my blog:

United States 4,608 views

Canada 99 views

Dominican Republic 38 views

Japan 18 views

France 17 views

United Kingdom 9 views

Mexico 9 views

Australia 8 views

Taiwan 8 views

India 8 views

I want to thank everyone for reading and supporting my blog, I love Cardinal Baseball and I enjoy writing about it too. I am glad I can be that person to keep you all updated on what’s going on with the Cardinals and Major League Baseball. Please leave comments on what you would like to see differently or move of. Once again thanks for your fan ship.


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