Cardinals Trade Talk Exclusive


For the past few days I have been keeping my ear to the ground to try and get a smidgen of some type of information or rumors that are connected to the Cardinals. I have been blogging about the Cardinals for six years and this is the first time that I am having a hard time to get any kind of information in regards who the Cardinals are targeting or interested in to help them get into the postseason. When I hear comments from Mozeliak like that he doesn’t want to block Matt Adams from his first base job in 2016 when looking for help. this means he will most likely go after someone that will be a free agent after this season. So who could that be? Justin Morneau? Mike Napoli? I cringe when looking at their stats. On my must get short list for more production I have Adam Lind and Adam LaRoche….but his contract will end in 2016, On the pitching side I have been hearing a lot of chatter about David Price once again. Last year the Cardinals where very much interested in Price and the feelings where mutual from him too. The word is that John Lackey will go elsewhere in 2016 which makes Price more intriguing. So who would Tigers be interested in from the Cardinals to make this happen. I would say either Tyler Lyons, Tim Cooney or Boone Whiting. The Tigers would also want an outfielder to replace Yoenis Cespedes when he leaves for free agency in 2016. With a log jam the Cardinals have in the outfield they could depart with Peter Bourjus, Tommy Pham or Charlie Tilson. Personally I wouldn’t mind getting Cespedes in the deal too. With Matt Holliday’s career with the Cardinals winding down after 2016 he would be a great replacement for Matt. I would keep Cespedes in centerfield and have Grichuk rotate left field and right field positions. . Well we are now down to nine more days till the trade deadline. This will be quite interesting to watch as the Reds dismantle their team along with the A’s, Rangers and Phillies.


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