Could Chris Davis be wearing Cardinal Red Soon?


Last week when John Mozeliak traded for Steve Cishek, he stated that he is not quite done yet. The team is still in need for another power source at first base. I have heard names thrown around like Adam Lind, Adam LaRoche and Carlos Santana. This morning I came across this tweet from someone on twitter, On trade talk roundup today on satellite radio, Jim Bowden is predicting will acquire Chris Davis. This was something worth looking into for me. It is a well known fact that the Orioles and Chris Davis have had a stormy relationship with his edgy mood swings and getting busted by MLB for taking Adderall. This has been a sticking point for the Orioles in order to wash their hands of him. Chris Davis has been described as having a thunder stick with potential to drive in big numbers but he does strike out a lot. What he has is that left handed bat the Cardinals are looking for. at first base. Davis would be an upgrade over Reynolds since he hits home runs more often than he does. Chris Davis can be that hulking figure that has a true power bat that the Cardinals been in need of for a long while. More than likely Davis will be a two month rental, so who would the Cardinals part with to obtain him? I would think it would be minor league players stuck behind position players that aren’t going anywhere soon. Names that come to mind are Greg Gracia, Tommy Pham or Alex Reyes. In my opinion I would offer Chris Davis a deal at the end of the season over Matt Adams. With Adams numbers going down, David could be a better option at first base. In 2013 Davis hit 53 HRs….138 RBIs with a .286 BA. He also won a Silver Slugger Award and appeared in the All-Star Game. He is fluent at third base and right field. Chris Davis numbers went down in 2014 but remain steady with 2015. Both seasons he averaged over 20 home runs and over 50 runs batted in. I think Davis would be a good fit here in St. Louis, he would have a fresh start and would thrive from the fanfare here.


3 thoughts on “Could Chris Davis be wearing Cardinal Red Soon?

  1. The fact Alex Reyes is even mentioned in a trade for a two month rental is ludicrous. Reyes is a top five prospect in baseball next year. I like the idea of a massive power threat in the middle of the order, of course. The Cardinals success is built on pitching and defense. Can’t mortgage the future for 10 homeruns the rest of the year. If you can get Davis for a pitcher like Arturo Reyes and Perdoma, I am all in.


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