St. Louis Cardinals Clinch Playoff Spot

carp13The Baseball Gods are watching over our beloved team the St. Louis Cardinals. Today the Cardinals lost again to the Chicago Cubs 5-4 but the San Fransisco Giants lost to the Diamondbacks 6-0 which pushes the Cardinals into a playoff spot. After Sunday’s series finale against the Cubs, the Cardinals have 13 games remaining — three vs. the Reds, four vs. the Brewers, three at the Pirates and three at the Braves.  Should the Cardinals clinch home-field advantage, they will play the winner of the wild card game in a five-game series beginning Oct. 9. The Pirates and Cubs hold the wild-card spots as of now, with the Bucs owning a half-game advantage entering Saturday’s game against Clayton Kershaw and the Dodgers. If the Cardinals could take advantage of the Reds and the ailing Brewers this coming week they could cushion their lead over the Pirate and Cubs. The Cardinals are a combined 27-21 against the Cubs, Pirates, Mets and Dodgers this season and have a losing record against none of them (but are 1-4 vs. the Cubs and 1-2 vs. the Pirates this month). Regardless, the regular season results will mean little come October.


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