Will Heyward Stay or Will he Go?

jason-heyward-01As teams such as Yankees, Mariners and Angels begin to line up to seriously make a run for free agent Jason Heyward, the Cardinals plan to open up their purse to get him signed. Heyward has made a difference with his fielding, throwing and base running. The Cardinals aren’t showing their hand  yet, but they believe they have enough talent that they won’t let the situation with Heyward slow them down. He is a great fit on this Cardinal team. It looks like the management will try hard to sign Heyward in the off-season. Heyward did a great job defensively too, he has only six errors this season. Heyward needs to be the Cardinals top priority to be signed during the off-season. I tend to think when a manager like Mike Matheny is willing to let Jason Heyward have his jersey number, this means the accommodation that has been given to Heyward means there will be a strong effort to keep him a Cardinal. I have a feeling that the Cardinals will start at $200 million as a starting point in their negotiations.


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