Would Mark Buehrle sign with the Cardinals

buerhleIt seems that every few years or more when Mark Buehrle is at the end of a contract he will comment about wanting to play for his hometown team the St.Louis Cardinals. Well, reports are comig out about Buehrle may call it quits but no decision has been made yet. At the age of 36 he has pitched very well with the Bluejays, he has a 15-8 record and a 3.81 ERA…..not bad for an aging pitcher. Buehrle said he won’t be doing is signing a minor league deal, though I can’t imagine a scenario in which multiple teams aren’t interested in Buehrle on at least a one-year Major League deal. Buehrle will technically be eligible for a qualifying offer, though given his age and shoulder problems late in the year, the Blue Jays probably won’t be keen on risking a $15.8MM price tag on him in order to collect a compensatory draft pick.. So whats next for Buehrle? Could 2016 be his finale farewell if he decides to become a Free Agent and finally signs with the St. Louis Cardinals as he rides off into the sunset. I’m not sure if this would happen but we need to remember that John Lackey may go somewhere else and Jaime Garcia may not get his option picked up. In 2016 the Cardinals will have deeper pockets and could possibly offer Buehrle a 2-3 year contract at a reasonable price.at $19MM. Well I can dream can’t I?


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