Jimmy Baseball Hall of Fame Worthy?

jimmyToday the 2016 Hall of Fame ballot was announced  by the Baseball Writers Association of America. I am glad to see Jimmy Baseball on the list with other prominent players like:

• Ken Griffey, Jr.
• Trevor Hoffman
• Billy Wagner
• Garret Anderson
• Troy Glaus
• Mike Sweeney
• David Eckstein
• Mike Hampton

I know that Griffey and Hoffman will be in the 2016 HOF lime light. With Jim Edmonds now onn the ballot we might just see him get enshrined in the HOF as a Cardinal.  Jim Edmonds won eight Gold Gloves in the outfield and when he retired, the only outfielders with nine or more were Clemente  (12), Willie Mays(10), Ken Griffey Jr. (10) and Al Kaline (10). Edmonds “only” won one Silver Slugger Award (in 2004), but he was a consistent slugger finishing his career with eleven 20-home run seasons, five 30-home run seasons and two 40-home run seasons.Jim Edmonds never wore number four, but he did have four All-Star appearances (1995, 1998, 2000, 2004), four 100 RBI seasons (1995, 2000, 2001, 2004) and four 100 runs scored seasons (1995, 1998, 2000, 2004). Edmonds could make a good cause for himself down the road.

Still on the ballot:

• Mike Piazza (69.9%)
• Jeff Bagwell (55.7%)
• Tim Raines (55%)
• Curt Schilling (39.2%)
• Roger Clemens (37.5%)
• Barry Bonds (36.8%)
• Lee Smith (30.2%)
• Edgar Martinez (27%)
• Alan Trammell (25.1%)
• Mike Mussina (24.6%)
• Jeff Kent (14%)
• Fred McGriff (12.9%)
• Larry Walker (11.8%)
• Gary Sheffield (11.75%)
• Mark McGwire (10.0%)
• Sammy Sosa (6.6%)
• Nomar Garciaparra (5.5%)

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