All Roads Lead to Crush Davis?

CHRISWith the Twins winning the bid to negotiate with Byung Ho Park and the possibility to lose out on the Jason Heyward sweepstakes where would the Cardinals turn to? I am beginning to see a movement of interest from other blogs, forums and baseball pundits suggesting that Chris Davis could be the answer to the Cardinals lack of power. Davis would be a sensible fit with the Cardinals because they could use someone in right field or at first base (not entirely sure if they’re sold on Matt Adams/Brandon Moss at first base). St. Louis lacked power in 2015 and posted a .716 OPS as a team, which was good for 19th in MLB They also ranked 24th in runs scored, and they won’t be able to rely on all-around dominant performances from their pitching staff over the next couple of years in the NL Central. Chris Davis projects a six-year, $144 million contract for him,which certainly eliminates a lot of MLB teams that cannot afford such an investment.I think the Cardinals would open there deep pockets for this young talent that can also play third base and right field. I could see this free agency signing happening if the Cardinals lose out on Heyward.

Source: MLB


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