Cardinals and Zobrist Talking


It’s the day before Thanksgiving and the Hot Stove League is heating up with talks about Ben Zobrist and the Cardinals. This morning Jon Heyman reported that the Cardinals have reached out to Ben Zobrist. There has been at least 20 teams in the mix, they are believed to be among the more interested teams, as they love his versatility, especially on the infield.The Mets are also said to be looking hard at Zobrist, who hit .276 with 13 home runs and 56 RBI last season in 126 games between the A’s and World Champion Royals. I know the Cardinals have been very interested in him before. I see why the Cardinals want him, his dexterity in playing different positions like shortstop, rightfield and second base would be a huge upgrade if he is used as a super sub. He could also fill in just fine as an everyday rightfielder if Heyward signs elsewhere. If the Cardinals are able to sign him there would be so much upside with him defensively and offensively.

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