Cardinals Playing the Waiting Game


As the Cardinals day comes to a close it is very telling on what’s going on. First of all what are the plans during their stay in Nashville. What we know is that they are looking to sign Heyward, sign or trade for a starting pitcher and find a infielder and maybe a reliever. As the talks remain open between Heyward and the Cardinals they are also looking and checking out possible replacements for Heyward just in case another team swoops in and offers him a better deal. As I write I just found out that the Cubs are targeting Heyward according to The Chicago Sun-Times. At this time it is also reported that Heyward is looking for an eight year deal worth $20mil per year. This afternoon I kept getting pinged that the Cardinals have interest in Royals outfielder Alex Gordon. Other players that are linked to the Cardinals include Chris Davis, Mike Leake, Corey Kluber, and Ben Zobrist. This is a waiting game. Once HJeyward signs with the Cardinals or go elsewhere is when we will see the Cardinals start their spending spree.

USA Today reported that the Cardinals indeed are in competition with the Royals for Gordon, though one would assume that’s if St. Louis doesn’t sign Heyward. This sounds very positive to me. Gordon can also play first base and third base. He would also be a cheaper deal than what Heyward is asking for.

Detroit Tigers v Kansas City Royals


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