Jon Jay traded to Padres for Jed Gyorko


This morning while taking a break at work I received a message from my MLB app that Jon Jay was traded to the San Diego Padres for Jed Gyorko, at first I had a knee jerk reaction due to  Jon Jay being a popular outfielder amongst the young fans here in St.Louis. On the other hand it was time to let Jon Jay go. It is time to let Randal Grichuk become our full time center fielder. With the Padres Jon Jay can pick up his career again.  Gyorko is still owed $33MM under the extension he signed with the Pads early in the 2014 season. That covers four years of salary as well as a $1MM buyout on a $13MM club option for 2020.Jay, 30, is a left-handpadreed hitter who is owed $6.225MM in 2016 before qualifying for free agency. He missed much of last season with wrist issues, but figures to see steady playing time for the Pads. What remains to be determined is whether he’ll slot in at a corner role or take up the larger part of a platoon with Upton in center.

With the scouting report of Jed Gyorko my cousin Wayne McBrayer of was able to give an in depth look at our new St. Louis Cardinals utility infielder.

Today, the Padres make their first major trade of the off-season dealing 2B-SS Jedd Gyorko to the Cardinals for John Jay. Gyorko had a teriffic rookie season hitting 23 home runs with 63 RBI’s with a .249 average. The Padres rewarded Jedd with a 5 year contract with an option for a 6th season after his rookie season, and all seemed well for Jedd and the Padres. 2014 brought a huge 2nd season swoon with Jedd batting only.210 and hitting 10 home runs. Rebecca and I were told by a former player and Padres employee that, “it appears that Jedd has become comfortable with his twins and his contract.” Garry Templeton commented on 1090 that Jedd wasn’t making adjustments and was taking advice from his high school hitting coach. 2015 saw Jedd continue to struggle and he was demoted to AAA El Paso to work on his hitting. He was there for 6 weeks and came back and started hitting better. He played 2B while Cory Spangenberg was on the DL and moved to SS when Cory came back and he did a solid job there. Jedd won’t be an Ozzie or Tempy, but he does makes the basic plays. He finished the 2015 season hitting .247 with 16 home runs and 57 RBI’s and seemed to recover some of his rookie power.

The trade today was made primarily due to the emergence of Cory Spangenberg at 2B, who displayed the ability to hit line drives and bunt well, while possessing above average speed. What Jedd bring to St. Louis is the ability to play 2B, SS and 3B and hit for power. He will always struggle with a pitcher who has a good slider as he swing appears to be long. He also has a habit at the plate after each pitch that we think effects his ability to become a better hitter and we called it the Gyorkorena. After each pitch when he doesn’t get a hit he will leave the batter’s box, adjust his gloves, stretch his arms, adjust his hat and grabs his pants leg and then step back in the batter. We hope that the Cardinals can work with Jedd to stop this habit as well as work on shortening Jedd’s swing. He isn’t a bad guy and won’t cause problems in the clubhouse, so you’re getting a guy with upside if he made adjustments.

Make sure to check out Wayne McBrayer’s Blog if your Padres fan. A very informative website that covers their rookies and old timers.

Source: MLB/Wayne McBrayer,


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