Will the Cardinals consider Johnny Cueto


Since the Cardinals lost out in the bidding war with David Price and tried to snag Jeff Samardzija still find themselves trying to find the right piece of the puzzle that would fit with their rotation. Well it looks lie Johnny Cueto is trying to put a bug into the ear of Cardinals General Manager John Mozeliak. Well on Wednesday afternoon Cueto’s agent Bryce Dixon told Zach Links of MLB Trade Rumors….

“I can’t speak to how the Cardinals feel. ..Obviously [Johnny] regrets how the fight went down,” Dixon said.  “He’s expressed regret over it in the past.  He loves pitching in the NL Central.  He’s the best pitcher of our era in the NL Central.  It would be a good marriage [between] Johnny and the Cardinals.  I think once the fans got past the fight and they saw what a gamer Johnny is and what he could bring to the team, I think they would be able to embrace him now, though I don’t think that they’ll do that overnight.”

Dixon has also discussed why he would be a good fit….“Johnny’s best friend is Brayan Pena that the Cardinals just signed as Molina’s back up.  Johnny would love to pitch to him and a catcher like [Yadier] Molina, so I think it would be a good fit.  Whether the Cardinals step up with the necessary resources, that remains to be seen.  But he has no problem towards the Cardinals and the manager of that [2010 Cardinals] team [Tony La Russa] is with the Diamondbacks organization now.  He came down and met Johnny and they had no problem.  It’s in the past.  It’s unfortunate that it happened, but, on our side, we’ve moved on,” 

Right now the Cardinals do stand out as a team that would have the need and the resources required to sign the veteran.  Still, some outsiders have suggested that unpleasant history between the two sides could get in the way of a union.  In 2010, the Reds and Cardinals got into a brawl and, in one exchange, Cueto kicked catcher Jason LaRue in the head while wearing spikes.  The impact of the kick left LaRue with concussion issues that forced him to retire at the end of the 2010 season.  The brawl may still be fresh in the minds of some Cardinals fans, but the Cardinals organization has not brought up the incident in their talks with Cueto’s camp.

I tend to think Cueto could fit right in with this rotation as a dominate figure that the Cardinals need since Lance Lynn will be out and the departure of John Lackey. The Cardinals need a sound pitcher like Cueto despite the what happen between and the Cardinals. I tend to think this could be an easy signing for the Cardinals since it has been reported he is looking for a six year contract for $126mm according to Buster Olney

Source: MLB Trade Rumors



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