What In the World is Going On?


I would like to say before I start with my tirade that everything will be alright. Let me start with Heyward. The way I see it the way this Cardinal team is built we would win with Heyward or without him. He is not the big piece we need to win the NL Central again. I enjoyed watching him while he was here but he will not make or break this Cardinal team. The big question I keep hearing is why did he not accept what the Cardinals offered  him. Well here is why…..according to Bob Nightengale,  it seems neither Cardinals nor  the Nationals  met the $23MM AAV that Heyward will reportedly receive. And as Keith Law of ESPN.com stresses, it’s even more important to bear in mind that the opt-out opportunities carry significant value and that Heyward will owe less in state taxes in Illinois than he would have in  the other locales. So the huge amount the Cardinals offered didn’t matter at all to him. It really looks as if the Cubs presentation worked out quite well for them.  I truly believe the Cardinals will end up either trading or signing a free agent in order to fill the holes for a starting pitcher and a outfielder/first baseman. My favorite conspiracy of the day comes from Jon Morosi, he floats an interesting little conspiracy theory, noting that Holliday and Davis are both represented by Scott Boras; so if Holliday refuses a trade and blocks a Gordon signing, that could theoretically make St. Louis a suitor for Davis if the club is intent on adding another big bat. I am not sure I would buy this theory but I do know that Chris Davis would be that big piece this Cardinals team needs. I know recently John Mozeliak says he isn’t interested in Davis. He would rather have Adams/Moss platoon first base. What I am observing at this time are the Cubs winning the off season mental match up between them and the Cardinals. I know Mozeliak doesn’t give out too much information about what he is really doing. He tries to throw off the other teams that try to detect what the Cardinals are up to. I know as fans we can’t keep still or quiet due to the Cardinals losing out on David Price and Jason Heyward. The good thing we all know is that they have the money to offer to the right player that will push our beloved team to the next level. This is why I am telling you all to keep cool…….everything will be alright.

Source: MLBtraderumors


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