It’s Official Mike Leake a Cardinal


The Cardinals finally got there man!  Cardinals signed Mike Leake to a  five-year contract worth a total of $80 million from the Cardinals, and it includes a no-trade clause and an option for 2021, not bad

Leake, 28, was 11-10 with a 3.70 ERA (106 OPS+), 1.16 WHIP and 119 strikeouts in 192 innings for the Reds and Giants last season. The right hander has been pretty durable, only hitting the DL for minor injuries twice in his career. He’s topped 190 innings in each of the past three seasons.

Leake is a typical command right-hander, featuring a four-pitch mix without a single knockout pitch but with good life on his two-seamer and a solid-average curve. His fastball was 88-91 mph early and 87-90 in the sixth inning, with a hard, late tailing action that makes it more effective than a typical fastball with fringe-average to average velocity.

His curve has a short two-plane break and appears to pop out of his hand, with a break that accelerates as it comes toward the hitter. He throws a hard changeup around 82 mph with a slight tailing action and showed a slider around 79-80 mph with decent tilt. He commands all four pitches and throws strikes, and works very quickly. He’s a good athlete who plays some outfield for ASU and fields his position well as a pitcher.

Leake’s delivery is compact with just a little head movement at the end as he releases the ball. His arm is quick and its path behind his body isn’t long, partly due to the fact that he separates his hands early as he moves them down from their peak point in his windup.

Press Conference at 2pm

Source: MLB



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