Top Five Cardinals Stories of 2015


Here is my yearly list of what I thought were the top stories of 2015 in regards to the St. Louis Cardinals. I know there are a lot of these lists out there but I will try to make it news worthy and fresh…..hopefully.

1.Two words Jason Heyward. Is he staying or leaving. Lots of talk about him during the season. Well he got his Gold Glove with the Cardinals but he felt the Cardinals wasn’t the team he wanted to have his career with, Good luck being a Cub Jason……I guess having two opt out clauses may be his way of getting out of a failing Cubs team.

2. My second best story was the return of Adam Wainwright. When I thought he was done with the season he rises from the ashes to jump in and help out in middle relief pitching to help out his beloved team.

3. The third best story where the six Cardinal players that got into the 2015 All Star Game. Both Holiday and Peralta  were voted in but Molina, Wacha, Rosenthal and the winner of the fan-driven Final Vote, Martinez. The latter three were first-time All-Stars.

4. The hacking scandal didn’t seem to be a distraction for the Cardinals to win 100 games but it was a story that kept everyone wanting to know more

5. This one is personal to me…..Joe Strauss. I was totally shocked to find out he died of cancer. I remember meeting him back in 2009. He was  quiet but behind that was a hard nose reporter that did everything he could to get to the truth of a story. He was also a crack up when he was the Cardinals beat writer. He would tell me to check my emails on a possible trade that might happen and he would send it to me at midnight. Well midnight comes and goes and nothing came to my inbox so I email him asks him…..”What gives? Whats going on?” he tells me..”No trade happened so nothing to report.” Joe got me good, no wonder Albert Pujols called him El Diablo


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