MLB Hall of Fame Predictions and Notes


The buzz on Ken Griffey Jr is that he might be inducted unanimously to the Hall of Fame. There are some who will get angry if he is, because Babe Ruth was not voted in unanimously. We already seen a few who didn’t vote for Randy Johnson and he ended up checking in at 97.3 percent of the vote. Of more realistic interest here is how high Griffey ends up on the all-time list. Tom Seaver got 98.84 percent of the vote in 1992 and still has the highest percentage ever. Griffey has a chance to top that. So while we know he’s getting in, there’s still intrigue to the official results when it comes to his name, with this in mind I am going with Griffey for receiving the most votes. The other players that will get over 75% of the votes  should be Mike Piazza, Tim Raines and Jeff Bagwell.

This is also the year Alan Trammell and Mark McGwire are going to fall off the ballot. This is Trammell’s last shot. This is McGwire’s 10th shot, but the rule was changed and he’s only allowed to be there for 10 years now. This will be Lee Smith’s 14th appearance on the ballot and he is that one pitcher that truly deserves it.


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