Edmonds fall way short of Hall of Fame


When the results came out for the Hall of Fame votes the first thing I looked for was if Jim Edmonds had enough votes to stay on the ballot. Edmonds had just  2.5 percent, below the five percent threshold required for inclusion on the 2017 ballot. I was very disappointed that he didn’t get the votes he needed to come back. As a superstar outfielder for the Cardinals he was  among the top 10 center fielders of all time in homers (393) and slugging percentage (.527). He is also one of eight players at that position to record at least five 30-homer seasons. But despite a career WAR of 60.3. He was worth a look at if he had life on the ballot list but it was cut too short for him. There where also a few first timers that where Cardinals that also got the cut, Troy Glaus, Randy Winn,  Mark Grudzielanek and David Eckstein.


4 thoughts on “Edmonds fall way short of Hall of Fame

  1. I have lost all respect for the HOF voting process. There is no WAY under heaven that Jimmy should be a one and done candidate. Especially while cheaters like Bonds and Clemens remain.


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