Cardinals Make an International Splash


I am happy to report that the Cardinals have finally made a move in the international market. This morning Daniel Kim tweets…Oh Seung Hwan will go through medicals tomorrow. If all goes well, he will become a new member of .    It has also been reported that he has passed his physicals three hours ago and will have a press conference in St. Louis tomorrow….reported by Robert Murray

Oh, 33, has pitched to a 1.81 ERA and 5.18 K/BB ratio across parts of 11 seasons in the Korean Baseball Organization and the Japanese Central League. In St. Louis, he figures to work as a setup man to closer Trevor Rosenthal.

Oh Seung-hwan also goes by the nickname of  “Dol-bucheo” (Stone Buddha) for being unshaken and maintaining an emotionless face in every situation. His prowess as a relief pitcher also earned him the nickname, “Kkeut-pan Wang” (Final Boss). He is considered to be one of the greatest closers in the history of Korean baseball.

His scouting report shows he has a fairly unremarkable delivery devoid of hitches, pauses, or any other kind of flourishes common in South Korea and Japan. He throws from an easy three-quarters arm slot and finds himself in good fielding positioning after he follows through. The right-hander throws a fastball that sits in the low-to-mid-90s. He is a smart pitcher, and he understands how to read the situation at the plate and on the basepaths, and how to adjust accordingly. He will periodically throws the fastball a bit slower, trading in some velocity for sinking movement, or cut the fastball against lefties, trading in some velocity for additional horizontal cutting movement. He isn’t a finesse pitcher, but his location maps show the same thing year in and year out: plenty of pitches along the edges of the strike zone, with a big, gaping hole down the middle. In short, he doesn’t like throwing meatballs over the center of the plate. This definitely looks like a great pick up.



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