Peralta Willing to move Positions


This morning on MLB Network Jon Morosi was reporting about Jhonny Peralta’s comments during last weekends Winter Warm Up here in St. Louis……“In the future I can play some different positions. It doesn’t matter for me,” Peralta said. “Whatever I have to do. I’ve played third base before and outfield and a couple games at first base. It doesn’t matter. If I’m still in the game of baseball, it doesn’t matter for me.” His comments has raised a lot of eyebrows with many MLB reporters/pundits. What do the Cardinals have up there sleeves? What we already know is that the Cardinals have interest with Ian Desmond. If its the shortstop position the Cardinals really need to upgrade on why Ian Desmond? Why not take a longer look at Aledmys Diaz. The Cardinals gave Diaz a four-year, $8 million contract two springs ago, the thought was that he might be their shortstop as early as this year, with Peralta moving somewhere else, like third base, to finish up the final two years of his four-year, $52 million contract. If Peralta moves to third base where would Matt Carpenter play, I would speculated first base. This would mean that Matt Adams could be the odd man out and possibly traded. Just thinking out loud, why not trade Adams plus a minor league pitcher for Jose Reyes and one of the Rockies outfielders? I know that Reyes wants out of there and the Rockies would love to move him, just a thought. Well let me ask my readers, who do you think would be better for the Cardinals at shortstop, Jose Reyes, Ian Desmond or Aledmys Diaz? Look forward to your comments below.

Sources: Jon Morosi/Rick Hummel


2 thoughts on “Peralta Willing to move Positions

  1. Reyes would be awesome tbh
    -we would have a good leadoff hitter
    -a great defensive SS
    -the speed thread we need
    -we could move Carp down in the order


  2. Who wrote this article? If written by a 7th grader drawing up lineups on his notebook while daydreaming during class, then OK. If this was written by an actual sport journalist attempting to spark conversation at the water cooler, then shame on you and put forth better effort.
    Adams and a minor league pitcher in exchange for Reyes and one of their starting outfielders. Let that sink in for a minute.
    Why in the green and yellow striped hell would Colorado do that? Hell, why not ask for a new water jug and a bag of donuts too?! Adams literally has next to zero trade value currently. Colorado is asking a lot for one of their outfielders in trade, let alone their All-Star caliber shortstop.
    St. Louis sports fans expect more from their sports writers.


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