The Official 2016 MLB Pedictions


American League East

1. Toronto Bluejays

2. Boston Redsox

3. New York Yankees

4. Tampa Bay Rays

5. Baltimore Orioles

American League Central

1. Kansas City Royals

2. Cleveland Indians

3. Detroit Tiger

4. Chicago Whitesox

5. Minnesota Twins

American League West

1. Houston Astros

2 Texas Rangers

3. Seattle Mariners

4, Los Angeles Angels

5. Oakland As

American League Wildcard

1. Boston Redsox

2. Texas Rangers

American League Champions

Kansas City Royals

National League West

1. New York Mets

2. Washington Nationals

3. Miami Marlins

4. Atlanta Braves

5. Philadelphia Phillies

National League Central

1. St.Louis Cardinals

2. Chicago Cubs

3. Pittsburgh Pirates

4. Milwaukee Brewers

5. Cincinnati Reds

National League West

1. Los Angeles Dodgers

2. San Fransisco Giants

3. Arizona Diamondbacks

4. San Diego Padres

5. Colorado Rockies

National League Wildcard

1. Washington Nationals

2. Chicago Cubs

National League Champions

St. Louis Cardinals

Worlds Series Champions

Cardinals beat the Royals

Note: Part II tomorrow…..awards 





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