Could the Cardinals make a move for Joey Bats


Just think of how the dynamics the St. Louis Cardinals would change if the Cardinals would make a trade for Jose Bautista, well earlier today Nick Cafardo reported that the Cardinals would would interest in Joey Bats. In this mornings MLB notes he writes,

about the Toronto Blue Jays and the potential that they could sell (or reconfigure) at some point this year. Of particular interest around these parts, he writes this about outfielder Jose Bautista: “[If the Blue Jays] don’t feel they’re contenders by mid-summer, they would likely try to sell off pending free agents Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion. Mark Shapiro will likely want to put his stamp on this team. Look for teams such as the Giants, Cardinals, and Cubs to have interest, especially in Bautista ….”

A acquisition like this for the Cardinals would certainly make up for the departure of Heyward and Lackey to the Cubs. I also like Bautista due to also being a third baseman. I wonder what would it take to make this move? The Bluejays will probably  have their eyes on the Cardinals young pitchers in their system. I would also think that Toronto may have interest in Kolten Wong. Their second baseman Ryan Goins is a sub par player and Wong maybe a good pick up for them. Has very good power and will drive runs in regularly. Also displays an outstanding throwing arm in right field. With more power has come more patience at the dish, too.  I like that he is a veteran power hitter and run producer.

Source: MLB/MLB Trade Rumors


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