Brayan Pena to return in July


Brayan Pena is now getting closer to the end of his 20 day rehab with the Springfield Cardinals. He has missed the entire season so far with a knee injury that required surgery, was supposed to give the Redbirds a threatening bench bat and a serviceable backup who would allow starter Yadier Molina to take more days

. It will be more than likely that the Cardinals will part ways with veteran backup Eric Fryer. The 30-year-old Fryer has been great in a very limited role with St. Louis, hitting .406/.457/.469 in just 35 plate appearances. The hard part is what to do at this point. Would the Cardinals keep Fryer anyway and bring up Pena? If they do they would have to send down Greg Garcia. With Pena having a two year contract he needs to be on the 25 man roster despite his horrible batting line while in the minors. A decision will need to made by the All-Star Game

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