Should the Cardinals give to Closer roll to Oh


Well, it looks like the Cardinals have a problem with their closer Trevor Rosenthal. So far this season he has a 5.63 ERA and in 4 innings he’s walked 21 batters, all unintentionally, and opposing hitters have an OBP of .429. More to the point, he’s a closer who this season has on average allowed more than two base-runners per inning. So what is going on with Rosenthal? Well part of the problem is his lack of control, hitters are swinging at his fastball roughly 10 percent less often than they were in 2015. When they do swing, though, they’re doing damage: opposing hitters have an average of .338 and a slugging percentage of .471 against Rosenthal’s fastball, which is a pitch he’s going to almost 80 percent of the time this season. No longer in awe of his fastball, they’re not biting on his changeup (swing rate also down roughly 10 percent), and they’re swinging less on everything out of the zone, which are the pitches that often get whiffs or weak contact.

Today the St. Louis Post Dispatch reports that Mike Matheny met with Rosenthal on Saturday to let him know that he will be taking a break from closer. It looks like that that Matheny will use a small committee to close, the three pitchers would be Jonathon Broxton, Kevin Seigrist or Seung Whan Oh………..all I can say to this is please don’t do this Matheny. The Cardinals brought Oh here for a better reason than to be a set up guy. For heaven’s sake in Korea they called him The Final Boss for a good reason. This season Oh has a 1.66 ERA and a 6.38 K/BB ratio in 37 games. Oh has the stuff to thrive in the role. Oh’s fastball has a bit better than average velo, and his hard slider has strong 12-6 movement, which makes it a weapon against the opposite side.He needs to be the Closer right now, come on Matheny give him a chance.


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