Matheny and Mabry put on Notice


It wasn’t too long ago when Bill DeWitt Jr talked about that Mike Matheny’s manager job is secured and at that time Mozeliak also adds support, well things just might change.

Jeff Gordon of the St. Louis Sports Dispatch writes…..if the Titanic, er, the Cardinals keep steaming toward the iceberg, bigger changes will come. Long story short, manager Mike Matheny is on the clock. Mozeliak kept using the phrase “four to six weeks” while discussing this team’s timetable for improvement.

He offered Matheny no vote of confidence during a Friday afternoon news conference at Busch Stadium, which came on the heels of a disastrous 0-7 road trip that left the Cardinals 4½ games back in the National League Central.

“I want him to feel confident we trust him to do his job,” Mozeliak said, “but we need to do better.”

So, yeah, that seat is pretty hot right now. Either Matheny will rise to the occasion as a leader or he will move along to oversee that big youth sports complex in Chesterfield . . . oh, wait.

Hitting coach John Mabry? He is on the clock, too. The Cardinals have been all over the map offensively on his watch and he is running out of time to find solutions with this team.

Budaska, the well-regarded Memphis hitting coach, has replaced Mueller and he appears to have plenty of upward mobility in the organization. Budaska did a nice job with many Cardinals on their way up.

“I don’t look at him as the bat whisperer or something, but I look at as someone that has a way of doing this that might not necessarily be identical to how John Mabry might,” Mozeliak said. “Having some different voices makes sense given where our offense is.

Exiled coach Jose Oquendo? He wasn’t part of this coaching shift, but Mozeliak left the door ajar for his return should more significant change occur — like, say, Matheny getting fired.


One thought on “Matheny and Mabry put on Notice

  1. oquendo should of been head coach from the beginning. Someone upstairs was afraid he run the team the way LaRussa did. Meaning his Oquendo way, no with no upper floor input. That’s why Mathney was hired! Hey, how well is that working out for them!


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