Cardinals need to make Stanton a Priority


In 1998 the Cardinals traded Braden Looper, Armando Almanza, and shortstop Pablo Ozuna for 1997 World Series hero Edgar Renteria. It wasn’t a fire sale from the Marlins but a way to open up a spot for Marlins young shortstop Alex Gonzalez. As we move forward in time to July of 2017 the Cardinals might or maybe not get involved with the possibility of attaining Giancarlo Stanton. The Cardinals need a power hitting bat desperately. The rumor of the week is Josh Donaldson might be the Cardinals target, I say please Cardinals, NO! Stanton will likely hit 40 home runs this summer. He already has been to four All- Star games. He stands 6-6 and weighs 245 pounds. He also draws walks and has an impressive .356 on-base percentage. The Cardinals can afford Giancarlo Stanton and here is why. The Cardinals at this point in the season is mediocre but it is heading to draw 3.4 million this season plus they are close to begin  a billion dollar tv deal with FOX Sports Midwest. If its prospects the Marlins want the Cardinals  can use the likes of Alex Reyes, Delvin Perez, Luke Weaver and Jack Flaherty to offset the hefty contract. The way I look at it Stanton will be well worth the money and the players the Cardinals would move to make it happen. He would be the missing piece of the puzzle for the Cardinals. The last time we had a huge power hitter is when Albert Pujols was in his prime. Stanton would step in as that one player that will make a difference for the Cardinals for this season. I just hope the Cardinals will step up and bring Stanton to St. Louis.


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