Cardinal Trade Chatter

MLB: San Diego Padres at St. Louis Cardinals

Baseball’s official trade deadline is on Monday, July 31, 2017 at 4 p.m. EST, and what is going on with the Cardinals. The Fans would like to know who are the Cardinals are targeting, is it a reliever, starting pitcher, outfielder, first baseman or a third baseman?

Jon Morosi reports, “The Cardinals are emerging as an intriguing seller, and scouts from the Dodgers and Nationals were among those to attend Tuesday’s game in St. Louis — with trade candidate Lance Lynn on the mound, plus a Indians scout was in attendance on Tuesday, as well, with right-handed outfield bats the most likely focus. Cleveland pursued Martinez before he was dealt to Arizona, and the Cardinals are expected to listen to offers for Tommy Pham and/or Randal Grichuk in the coming days.”

I wonder if the Cardinals make a package of Pham, Grichuk and a minor league prospect what would the Indians give us, these are the players that come to my mind that would be of worth to the Cardinals and I don’t mean getting all of them …..OF Michael Brantley, 3B Jose Ramirez, 1B, Carlos Santana or SP Corey Kluber.

The Dodgers and The Nationals were also at Tuesday nights game, other Cardinal players that have been mention for possible trade bait……Trevor Rosenthal, Seung -hwan Oh and Lance Lynn.

I have a feeling the Cardinals will make a trade for a power hitter and a reliever. I also think that some of these Cardinal players will be split up in different trades, this is my prediction. So let the trades begin!!!!


One thought on “Cardinal Trade Chatter

  1. trade tommy pham?…are you insane?…put wong, grichuk, gyorko, a minor league prospect, matheny, lynn, any reliever they want, and a sack a new bats into a package and beg the CO rockies for their 3B arronado…this solves all the infield probs, puts carpenter back at second, and two future gold-glovers in dejong and voit at SS and 1B

    trade pham…you’re outta your mind…i’d trade fowler first, in fact i’d put him in the deal instead of lance lynn or grichuk…fowler coming to the cardinals was the worst thing to happen to the cardinals AND the cubs


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