Cardinals eyeing Marlins Players


The sale of the Marlins to Derek Jeter’s group has put the Marlins team of players wondering will I stay or will I go. The Hot Topic for the week was Giancarlo Stanton’s status as a Marlin and what team will be a willing trading partner. According to MLB TradeRumor the three teams that have interest in Stanton are the Giants, Phillies and the Cardinals. Well outside this news on Stanton it looks like the Cardinals are also licking their chops over a few other Marlins if they are available for a trade. This summer a Marlins player said  the Cardinals reportedly expressed interest in Marcell OzunaDee Gordon and Brad Ziegler this summer, with Ziegler’s name surfacing after Trevor Rosenthal was lost to Tommy John surgery in late August.  The Cards’ interest in Ozuna (and other Miami outfielders) is known, though this is the first time Gordon and Ziegler have been linked to St. Louis.  It makes sense that the Cards would’ve checked in on Ziegler given their sudden need for relief help after Rosenthal went down, though it remains to be seen if Ziegler would be a trade target this winter as the team looks to bolster its pen.  Ziegler has a hefty $9MM salary in 2018, though the Marlins could eat some of that money to make a deal happen.  Gordon would be an even pricier addition at $38MM owed through the 2020 season, plus a $14MM vesting option for 2021. I am all in if the Cardinals where to acquire Dee Gordon, what an upgrade he would be at short stop or second base. I really think that the Cardinals and the Marlins at this point would make great trading partners. The Marlins have key players that would boost the 2018 Cardinals into contention for the NL Champs once again. The Cardinals have the pitching and lots of young outfielders that the Marlins are looking for. So lets hope that the Winter of 2017 is a very productive for the Cardinals to rebuild their team.

Source: Mark Polishuk


One thought on “Cardinals eyeing Marlins Players

  1. But will they actually go for these players or is it just speculation since the front acted like a big dufas this past summer when they could have made the trades and are the cardinals expecting any more backlash from the hacking case?


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